Two months down!

   If I could describe my first two months in a single sentence it would to be: This challenge was the greatest awful idea I have ever had. Every ounce of my preparation leading up to the new year made me believe that it was going to be a walk in the park. Instead, it turned into a hike on the Appalachian Trail. I had a “sure thing” deer hunt planned for New Year’s Day followed by all the free time in the world to go fishing for weeks to come. Every bit of my plans hit a brick wall when I got the call saying the deer hunt was a no-go due to my friend not being available. My first thought was, “no worries, I can still go fishing over the next few weeks.” Then I got a job offer that I couldn’t turn down, resulting in my first two months being dictated by work and honey-do lists. To be fair, the hunt was canceled because my friend lives on a ten acer plot in Greensboro NC and like anywhere else in this world, if your neighbors hear a lot of guns going off in a short period of time the cops are typically involved. Because his new found besties next door like calling the police every other day, he didn’t feel comfortable letting me hunt his land when he wasn’t there. This lack of meat in the freezer resulted in my appreciation for eating what I like to call “my food’s, food.”

   I have just 4 rules to being vegetarian that I would like to share with everyone thinking my journey is interesting and might be something they would like to attempt.  

  1. Don’t eat salads all-day-everyday. You will drive yourself crazy.
  2. You are not a biggest loser contestant. Drink beer if you want.
  3. This is not a keto or paleo diet. Eat bread. It will keep you from BBQ-ing your neighbor’s cat.
  4. Have fun and remember you are only to blame yourself for this predicament.

   My diet has had health benefits that I probably could have seen coming. I am down 20 lbs since the new year, my skin has cleared up from grotesque blemishes, and of course I do feel like my energy levels are up. However the negatives sometimes outweigh the positives. For example, I have had meat dreams, causing me to wake up hungry. I have had to pick bacon off of pizza, and last but not least, my favorite sandwich shop now thinks my usual is a veggie sub. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather be ordering a man vs food sized steak every time I’m hungry, but this veggie thing is not as hard as everyone might think. I even have a recipe for Biscuits and Tomato Gravy that will flip your idea of breakfast on its head.

   As for my challenge, I still have a hog hunt planned, along with countless fishing trips. The next adventure will transpire in March, I even signed up for the annual inshore fishing school presented by PENN Fishing Tackle here in Wilmington. After speaking to the instructors, they gave me permission to pass along a few tips and tricks from the class. I highly encourage everyone to keep an eye out the next time it rolls through because this class is well worth your time.

   Now that everyone knows that I am still alive, I will work on getting more content out on a regular basis. You can expect a few recipes, product reviews, and stories to come very soon. Thanks everyone for following along.

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