Game Plan

   As the 2018 year starts to come to a close, I am preparing for my journey starting the new year. I have already planned a few fishing trips and hunts with friends and local guides throughout 2019. I will highlight each event as they unfold, handing out tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. I feel the need to let everyone know that I am by no means an expert among all of these skills. I have had the privilege of tagging along hunts growing up and have been an avid fishing enthusiast throughout my life. However, I will be accomplishing a lot of firsts this next year. I am always willing to hear some feedback, so feel free to speak up if you would like to. I have most of my gear already and will go over my pack list after each adventure. I plan on using gear that can be found in your local outdoor shop or online, giving the everyday person a fighting chance to join me on my journey if they so choose. I also plan on giving honest reviews on the all the products throughout.

   Timing in the new year is going to be key. Let’s not forget that I am a full time student in college and I work part time. I plan on using the hunting seasons in my favor as much as possible. New years day will be a my final attempt for whitetail deer this season, hopefully I can bag one and get some meat in the freezer, starting off the year with a bang. Following deer season I will be going back to basics with some good old fashioned squirrel hunting, along with some salt-water fishing. This, along with a couple of duck hunts and a wild hog or two will be my main food source. April is turkey season and already I cant wait. My good friend Garrett Collins, who on April 13, 2013 broke the N.C. record for longest beard on an Eastern typical male turkey, fortunately agreed to take me out and show me the ropes for my first turkey. His 17” long beard record still stands un-challenged to this day.

   As for fruits and veggies, I will be taking a visit to a few local farms/markets to see what is growing during each season. I want to eat as seasonal as possible, however I am realistic and know that I will need to buy items such as rice, beans, and other items that have a longer shelf life to get me through the year. I will also be highlighting a few chefs using seasonal produce combined with game meat in their own dishes along with the methods of cooking. Stay tuned for those recipes, you don’t want to miss out.

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